A Serial Killer’s Chart

I happened to be surfing channels last night and saw a program on Jeffery Dahmer. Although I knew what he did….I just never knew some of the horrific details. He murdered and dismembered like 17 people and ate some of their body parts. I have seen his chart before, but never really picked it apart.

It was quite telling. He was born with Sun in GEMINI♊ in the 8th house…house of Death/Sex, these 2 things were definitely linked to who he was. Not only that, he was born with Pluto square his Sun in the 8th, Pluto being the natural ruler of the 8th which is the natural home of SCORPIO♏…sex and death. That aspect indicates a need to control, Pluto is obsessive and wants to control you, which is the root issue of serial killers. Dahmer would meet his victims and didn’t want them to ever leave. He lured them into his home and they would indeed never leave. His midheaven ruler, the Moon, was in a close square to Saturn indicating he was completely detached emotionally to the unthinkable things he did…which is his mark in life. How could someone do what he did is what we all think when we hear details. When I was looking at his Venus (how we love) it was square Uranus…he loved in a unique and very unusual way. On the flip side , someone can be born with all this energy to their 8th House and be a healer of life instead of a taker. The Scorpionic energy is not only about death and sex, it also rules transformation and rebirth. You can be any Zodiac sign and be a serial killer, it all depends on how everything is aspected. Ted Bundy, another well known serial killer, was born SAGITTARIUS♐ and was super social with a vibrant personality, but had the tendency to kill people. His apects were different from Dahmer.



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