Angela Bassett’s Midheaven Ruler

I did a post about Angela Basset’s career a few years back but don’t have time to find it, so here is a new one. The post was about how she hasn’t received the notoriety that she deserves in Hollywood and how that would be changing.

Her role in Black Panther looks like it will take her to new heights as an actor. Currently transiting Uranus is opposite her natal Jupiter which is her midheaven ruler. Our midheaven rules our career and mark in life, Uranus rules suddeness while Jupiter rules abundance or making things bigger…her career gets sudden, bigger attention in Hollywood. Of course, we all know who she is and she has worked steadily, but for her to have been nominated for an Academy Award over 20 years ago…she should be way bigger. In my opinion, anyway. This movie gives her career bigger exposure. This transit really makes sense, if I am not mistaken she has a television show on network television now, too.



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