What Astrology Reveals About Your Relationship With Your Mom

In Astrology I can usually tell a lot about a relationship between you and your Mother by the aspects you were born with to hour Moon. Also I can tell things about your Mother’s relationship with your Father because the Sun represents him. Generally if there are difficult aspects between your Sun and Moon, the relationship is difficult or even ended.

The Moon represents our internal emotions, our ability to self support and our ability to nurture. Our wide web of emotions we develop throughout our childhood develops through our Mother or the person that is “like” a Mother to us. The sign and position of your Moon at the time you were born indicates your reaction to her and and your treatment towards her. It is a bit more complex than that, this is only in a broad sense. What sign your Moon is in can be very descriptive of your Mother. I was born with Moon in TAURUS which is ruled by Venus. She loves fashion and nice things…but always within reason. TAUREANS worry a lot about their financial security and know when to put the credit cards away.

My Moon is also sextile my natal Neptune indicating that my Mother is and always has been quite religious.



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