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Death In My Predictions

Recently it seems a lot of people are calling me inquiring about death. Death is a topic that is not on my list because The Higher Power handles that, not me or my natal chart readings. I believe it is unethical and just wrong to do this because the power of suggestion is extremely strong […]


Abraham Lincoln was the 16th President of the United States. He served from March 1861 until his assassination April 1865. He led the country through the Civil War, which was the bloodiest war in this country. He also and importantly abolished slavery, he was not an #abolitionist, he just felt it was morally wrong. In […]

The Real Saint Valentine ♥️

For all of my friends who think Valentine’s Day is the most romantic day of the year and Saint Valentine is a lil baby with wings shooting an arrow… you’re half right. Valentine’s Day is the most romantic holiday all over the world. But Saint Valentine was a real man and not a baby with […]

When Jupiter Brings You Back To Life

Jupiter still making positive vibes for Tonya Harding after years of having a tarnished reputation. Transiting Jupiter has been in close conjunction range to her Sun-Jupiter conjunction in SCORPIO♏and opposite her natal Saturn-Moon conjunction in TAURUS♉ bring her back…in a much better light. The movie about her life has been nominated for 3 Oscars with […]

Mardi Gras: A Brief History

Lots of people flock to New Orleans to party for Mardi Gras…without knowing what it’s really about. That’s nothing knew, though. People celebrate holidays without knowing the back story or real purpose. Even the celebration of birthdays has an interesting history not known by many. Well, if you don’t know what Mardi Gras is about, […]

When Neptune Changes Signs

The 6th anniversary of the death of Whitney Houston. Neptune entered PISCES♓ on February 5, 2012, days before Whitney passed away. I always found it interesting that Princess Grace, Elizabeth Taylor, Princess Diana, Vivien Leigh, Jane Russell, and Judy Garland all passed away as Neptune was about to or had entered a new sign. All […]

Monique’s Saturn Square

Monique taking on Netflix for that lousy offer shows in her natal chart. Her birth data is not confirmed and there is no birth time, but she is having her Saturn Square and it’s exact now. We have Saturn Squares when transiting Saturn is square our natal Saturn, and it’s not an easy or comfortable […]

Women On The Move In Aquarius

When I saw this I checked to planetary transits and there it was. Transiting #Venus today is at 3° AQUARIUS♒.     Venus rules women while AQUARIUS♒ rules new age and #feminism. #Women have already made major strides in equal rights and pay, but this indicates that their purpose will advance since we are in fact in the #AgeOfAQUARIUS♒. Some people […]

What A Difference A Year Makes

This time last year Cardi B was not a household name…that has changed. Last year she had a Pluto transit that started a transformation of her career. A post shared by Psychic Wayne (@psychicwayne1) on Jan 22, 2018 at 3:01pm PST This past Fall, Jupiter landed on top of her natal Mercury and now headed […]

Proud Mary Release

2018 Taraji Hanson’s transits the night her new movie, Proud Mary, os released are excellent. Transiting Jupiter will be sextile her Sun and Mercury, transiting Saturn sextile her midheaven ruler, Venus and trine her midheaven. Big stuff here. Proud Mary ranked in the top 10 for this weekend’s box office sales. That’s actually better than […]