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1960s And 2017

In the US natal chart during the Civil Rights Movement in the 1960s, the players (planets) that caused an uproar and eventually societal changes were in effect. Transiting Pluto was square the US natal Uranus while now transiting Uranus is square the US natal Pluto. Compared the transits from then to now and saw the […]

Biblical Justification

Many people of African descent are familiar with the fact that the Bible supposedly condemns Astrology. What they don’t know is that the same book was used to enslave our ancestors. Slave owners believed it was acceptable to own slaves because Africans were considered a “lesser” race and needed to be taken care of by […]

International Tensions Increase

International tension increases as transiting Saturn has retrograded back to 21° SAGITTARIUS squaring the US natal Neptune at 22° VIRGO in her 9th House (International Affairs). Also transiting Saturn is in opposition to her natal Mars (rules war). Today it’s confirmed that North Korea has a nuclear head that can be launched by missile. Pyongyang […]

Gabby Sidbe: Saturn Vs Jupiter 

Gabby Sibide is sporting an entirely new look these days. In #Astrology, a drastic physical change can be seen with transits to our Ascendant, like Kylie Jenner. A few years ago when she looked like an entirely different person after some apparent surgical procedures, transiting #Pluto was going over her Ascendant. With Gabby, I don’t […]

The Church And the Zodiac  

 In all my years of going to church and Sunday school Astrology’s part in Christianity was never talked about. It is a common practice for the church today speak against the use of it. Well, here is some history for you. During the Dark Ages (10th and 11th centuries), a very famous Astrologer named, Nostradamus, […]

Bobby Valentino’s Dirty Data

With the video of someone that appears to be Bobby Valentino going viral, I was interested in checking his transits affecting his reputation. He has 2 different years of birth and no birth time available. This is not at all about confirming if it’s him in the video…he’s an adult. With clean birth data, whether […]

Quentin Latham aka Funky Dineva

Quentin Latham announces that he will be a panelist on a new talk show on TV1 and Tegna called Sister Circle, launching September 11th. I did his natal chart and posted here July 15, 2015. Astrology told me this was ahead for him in 2017. Congrats!! AUGUST 20, 1983 If you are on social media […]

Winnie Harlow – The Unusual Beauty

Winnie Harlow gained popularity when she was a contestant on America’s Next Top Model. She is using her popularity as an activist and spokesperson for those with the same condition as her, vitiligo. I don’t have a birth time for her, but using her birth info I spotted her “unusual” beauty. She was born Uranus-Neptune […]