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The Story of LEO

Not many people know that the lion, Nemean in the legend of Hercules is the lion that represents LEO in astrology. In the epic, Hercules had 12 labors to complete, and the first one was to kill Nemean. Nemean was a fearsome beast that terrorized the land. He was not only more fierce and larger […]

August A History

The month of August was originally named Sextillis because it was originally the sixth month instead of the 8th on the Roman calendar. It was named for Augustus Caesar who is considered the first Emperor of Rome. The word comes from the Latin word “Augure” which means “to increase” . The name Augustus was given to all Emperors because it […]

Beyonce’s Big Spending 

There is rumor that Beyonce is interested in buying her hometown NBA team, the Houston Rockets. Astrologically, this looks possible, the only thing is that she has 2 birth times so that can be tricky. In both charts transiting Jupiter is headed towards the conjunction of her natal Venus…major spending/acquisitions happening within the next month […]

Kaepernick Can’t Catch A Break

Colin Kaepernick has been with a team since San Francisco released him. There have been some teams to consider hire him…but he’s still unemployed. Unfortunately, transiting Saturn and transiting Uranus are on his natal Saturn well into this coming football season…bad news.. However, Spring of 2018, after Saturn finishes passing over his natal Neptune, and […]

Monica, Bill, And I

Monica Lewinsky turned 44. I have looked at her chart on and off but never realized that she has some planets placed the same as Bill Clinton and I. We are all LIBRA Ascendant, CANCER in the midheaven, Sun in LEO, and Moon in TAURUS (her Moon is exactly the same degree as mine). We […]

RIP Chester Bennington

If you have read my posts before, you may remember me saying that a strongly aspected Neptune gives entertainers their gift….and their addiction. Chester Bennington admitted that he has struggled with drugs and alcohol for years. He also said that he had considered committing suicide in the past because he had been abused as a […]

Born On The Cancer-Leo Cusp?

Being born on the “cusp” means you were born as the Sun was transitioning from one sign to the next. If you were born between July 19th – 25th, you are born on the CANCER-LEO Cusp. You have traits from both signs, but you can’t be in California and Montana at the same time…you are […]

The Story CANCER The Giant Crab

Admittedly, the Zodiac signs are based on mythology, but the actual workings of Astrology is based on observation and correlation. Many who don’t subscribe or understand how it works often think it’s based on superstition…nothing to do with superstition at all. The point of this post is to explain the story CANCER. Zeus, king of […]

O.J. Simpson Granted Parole

O.J. Simpson granted parole. He will be released some time in October when Jupiter (rules freedom/justice) is in his 4th House   REPOST: O.J. Simpson goes in front of the parole board to see if he will be freed from prison this Thursday. His transits that day say yes, transiting Sun and Mars will be […]