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The Original Cassius Clay

Before Muhammad Ali was Muhammad Ali, he was Cassius Marcellus Clay Jr. His father was named after a former slave holder turned abolitionist by the same name. Cassius Marcellus Clay was born in Madison County, Kentucky October 19, 1810 (#libra♎ ). His father, who was also Cassius Marcellus Clay, was a big slave owner and […]

Unlucky Winner?

I happened to catch the story of Marie Holmes last night on Iyanla Fix My Life…quite interesting. I scoured the internet to find some birth data for her, but wasn’t successful. When people win large sums of money like this, a Uranus and Jupiter aspect is somewhere in the mix. Mars-Jupiter Mercury-Jupiter, Jupiter-Uranus, Pluto-Venus or […]

Venus Enters PISCES

♓ Transiting Venus enters PISCES♓ Venus is the planet of love and is “her” exaltation in the sign of PISCES♓, which is an astrological way of saying she is the happiest there. This transit helps Venus bring out the best it represents which is unconditional and spiritual love that exceeds all limitations. The darker side […]

Transiting Saturn And Quincy Jones

The internet is on fire with the dirt Quincy Jones recently gave on Michael Jackson, The Beatles, Marlon Brando and so on. Transiting Saturn is currently square his natal Mercury….   Mercury rules communication and Saturn..well, it rules consequences and holds us accountable. I hope what he’s saying is true and there isn’t any evidence […]

Lucky Star Transit

On September 14, 1984 at the 1st Annual MTV Awards, Madonna was to perform her new single, Lucky Star which had gotten radio play. She was defiant not to perform that song, but to perform the title song of her forthcoming album, Like A Virgin. This was the night that would eventually catapult her into […]

Transiting Saturn And Cardi B

Even though her career is on the move, her love life is hitting a bump. Her natal Jupiter is at 0° LIBRA♎ and transiting Saturn right now is at 0° CAPRICORN♑ making an exact square. Jupiter is the general ruler of commitment and Saturn rules restrictions, limitations. This is Saturn’s way of telling her to […]

Janus And January

The ancients named the month of January after the god Janus. This god is depicted with 2 faces looking in opposite directions…one face looks back at the year departed and the other looks to the uncertain future year ahead. They believed that the god Saturn gave him the ability to look in the past and […]

Full Moon In CANCER

On January 1st, there will be a Full Moon at 11° CANCER♋. A Full Moon occurs when transiting Sun and Moon are in opposition to one another (180° angle). Because the Sun is in CAPRICORN ♑ and the Moon is in its opposite sign of CANCER♋, this transit deals with polarities…home versus work, what we […]

New Year New You?

Don’t let those memes making fun of new year resolutions keep you from setting goals for the new year. A new year is the beginning of a new cycle as the Sun journeys through the Zodiac. Actually on our birthday when the Sun hits the mark it was at the exact moment of our birth […]

Redemption For Mimi?

Last year’s New Year’s Eve performance by Mariah Carey was way underwhelming and embarrassing for her. The equipment failed and her lipsync performance was exposed. Welp, New Year’s Rockin Eve is having her back to perform this year. Last year, in her natal chart, Mercury Retrograde was the culprit indicating the issues with the equipment […]