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BEWARE: Friday The 13th Is Coming

Some people automatically assume I talk to dead people, I know their birthday without them telling me, I don’t believe in God, or that I am very superstitious. Just so we are clear, I don’t talk to dead people, I don’t know your birthday until you tell me, and I do believe in God….but I […]

Cam Newton And 12° ARIES

Moon In a news conference NFL player, Cam Newton, made a comment about women that offended people (I didn’t get it, but ok). It became a fairly big deal in the headlines and he even lost his Dannon Yogurt endorsement. In his chart he didn’t have any major bad transits, BUT yesterday’s Full Moon at […]

You Want To Be Famous?

Living in a city where there are more people than not who want to be famous, meeting someone who doesn’t give 2 f*cks about being a star was a surprise. I did a chart for a young lady who just moved to Los Angeles to be with her fiancee from Gastonia, North Carolina. When I […]

Nelly’s Uranus Opposition

When I first saw this and looked at Nelly’s chart, I saw right away he is having his Uranus Opposition. What is that? It’s when transiting Uranus is opposite our natal Uranus. This post isn’t about whether or not he’s guilty, because we know he’s not the first celebrity at the “he raped me” rodeo. […]


These 4 celebrities who have been in the headlines about allege sex scandals were all born with Mars in SCORPIO. This does not mean that everybody with this aspect will be accused of a sexual crime or a horn dog, but depending on how that point is aspected it could be a big indicator. Mars […]

Rihanna The Business Woman

With the quick success of Rihanna’s makeup line, Fenty, she may be changing her game. Transiting Pluto has been square her Ascendant for over a year now, and Pluto transforms. She is known as an entertainer more so than a business woman…the transformation has begun. Fenty is going to become even bigger in 2018 as […]

The National Football League

NFL b. SEPTEMBER 17, 1920 America’s favorite sport is making headlines not because of big wins, but because of real controversy. President Trump lashed out recently saying that any player that “disrespects” the flag the owners should “get that son of a b*tch off the field right now!” Well, players and coaches knelt, locked arms, […]

Mars Transit & Young Dolph

I don’t have reliable data on Young Dolph, but the information I found to cast his chart shows the attempted murder. In the chart, he was born with Uranus (rules shocking/unexpected) at 14° SAGITTARIUS and transiting Mars (rules violence/guns) was in a close square at 13° VIRGO. On top of that, transiting Neptune (rules betrayal/fog) […]

The Unusual One

Playboy Editor in Chief, Hugh Hefner, has one of the most interesting natal charts I have ever seen. He was born with a t square of Saturn in SCORPIO (rules sex) square Neptune (rules glamour), square Jupiter (exaggerates or makes bigger). In the middle of this t square was his 9th House (rules publishing) in […]

Venus Is Her Name

In astrology Venus represents love and beauty, but it also represents the appreciation of love and beauty. This planet has been known since prehistoric times and is named after the Roman goddess of love, Venus. It is the brightest object in the sky except for the Sun and the Moon. Venus is referred to in […]