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Saturn Cancels Roland Martin

I watch this news program and really like the reporting of journalist, Roland Martin. He has some hard transits currently, transiting Saturn is conjunct his natal Venus and square his Jupiter-Pluto conjunction… not to mention that Mercury retrograded right on his Venus and squared the Jupiter-Pluto conjunction. He has some cycles that are coming to […]

The City Of Los Angeles Burns

Just like humans, cities, cars, couches, dining tables, dogs, horses, etc. everything has a birth chart. The city of Los Angeles has 2 different charts online, but the one I’m reading must be the right one. I looked right to Mars (rules fire), transiting Pluto (rules destruction/transformation) is conjunct the city’s natal Mars with transiting […]

Tyra Banks Turns 44

Tyra Banks was born with the ruler of the First house (Self Identity/Physical Appearance) on the midheaven (how we make our mark in life)….she made money and her mark in life off of her appearance. She was also born with Mars in ARIES, ARIES rules entrepreneurship and Mars rules ARIES…very business savvy. She became an […]

Listen Here…

It’s that time of the year for office parties, family and friends get togethers etc. Everybody likes to have fun eat and have some drinks…but be cognizant about crossing the line with flirting. This is hardly the climate for this kind of thing even if you meant no harm. Mercury is in retrograde this holiday […]

The 100 Billion Dollar Man

Amazon.com founder, Jeff Bezos, has hit the 100 billion dollar net worth mark. Transiting Pluto is in conjunction range of his natal Sun, trine his natal Pluto and sextile his natal Neptune. That’s a lot of transformation going on in his chart…his business has transformed the retail industry and made him super rich. The chart […]

Prince Harry And Meghan’s Wedding

Prince Harry and his bride to be, Meghan Markle, announced that they will in the spring of 2018. They might want to check with their Astrologer on this😐. I love these 2 as a couple and the fact that he has gone against the grain marrying someone that’s quite different…she’s American, she works in Hollywood, […]

And He’s Right..

If you aren’t familiar with the cycles in Astrology, then you probably don’t know that the “midlife ” crisis comes from it. At age 40 in everybody’s natal chart, transiting Uranus will be in opposition to our natal Uranus…bringing the reality that half our life is gone. This is an awakening for us that we […]

Anna Mae Turns 78

Tina Turner turns 78, Having spent more than 50 years entertaining the world as a singer, actress, and author she seems to be years behind 78. She is known for her voice, her legs, and making one of the biggest comebacks in music. She was born with Saturn in ARIES, which is an aspect that […]

The White House Astrologer

It was an open secret (and later confirmed) that the Reagan’s used an Astrologer to run the country while they were in the White House. Joan Quigley was their Astrologer of choice. At the October 28, 1980 debate between Reagan and Jimmy Carter, she picked the exact time the debate should start. Reagan masterfully out […]