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Astrological Advice For Chris

Chris Brown releases his new album on October 31st, astrologically speaking…not so smart. On the 31st in his natal, transiting Jupiter was opposite his midheaven, that transit could normally be good, but there was a lack of any other significant transits affecting him. He had transiting Saturn and Mars quincunx his midheaven ruler, Venus, so […]

Astrology Transits Never Stop

Even though Dr Martin Luther King passed away in 1968, his transits in 2017 are still active. Today’s headlines are filled with allegations that he was unfaithful to his wife with multiple affairs, and even had a child out of wedlock, according to the JFK files that have been released. Looking at his natal chart, […]

Long Live Selena

Late Tejano singer, Selena, was honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Selena was murdered in March 31, 1995, but her natal chart indeed shows this event. Jupiter entered her 10th House (House of Public Status/Reputation) last month, expanding her public visibility. On top of that, transiting Neptune (rules glamour/showbiz) is in […]

The Solar Eclipse And The U.S.

Yet another tragedy for this country since the August 21st Solar Eclipse, we have experienced 2 destructive hurricanes, a mass shooting in Las Vegas, major fires In California, a terrorist attack in New York, and now this shooting. In Astrology, the Sun is the giver of life because without it none of us could survive. […]

Tyrese’s Meltdown

Singer, Tyrese Gibson, posted a bizarre rant on his Instagram a few days ago. He spoke of being broke, losing his daughter and somehow feeling betrayed by The Rock (DeWayne Johnson) for signing a spinoff deal. Right now in his natal he has transiting Pluto on top of his natal Moon, the Moon being the […]

Black Cats Are Evil

If you run the other way to avoid crossing the path of a black cat…you’re being ridiculous. The myth that a black cat brings bad luck is rooted back to the Puritans who believed anything black was associated with evil…our skin is actually brown but we are called black…get the point?? They also associated black […]

Tamar Braxton Files For Divorce

It is being reported that Tamar Braxton has filed for divorce from her husband, Vincent Herbert. Original post written July 16, 2016 Vince And Tamar On The Rocks? It is being reported that Vince Herbert and Tamar Braxton are headed for divorce because of Tamar’s infidelity. Who knows if all or any of this is […]

What Do They Have In Common?

Cardi B, Bill O’Reilly, Bill Cosby, and Harvey Weinsten all have something in common. They all experienced (and experiencing)big transits from transiting Pluto. Pluto transits are slow and last for years….but the impact from this transit is usually life changing. Pluto rules SCORPIO which is the sign of transformation and regeneration. O’Reilly, Cosby, and Weinstein […]

The Real Halloween

Halloween has a rich history how it came to be. It goes back 2000 years to the Celts who lived in and around Britain and Ireland. Back then November 1st was considered New Years day, so the night before was “All Hallow’s Eve”. This day marked the end of summer and the start of the […]

Jupiter Transiting SCORPIO

Jupiter Transiting SCORPIO Jupiter takes 12 years to go through the entire Zodiac staying in each sign for about a year. Jupiter is benefic planet, it brings expansion and abundance. This planet encourages us to go outside our limits and liberates us. Although Saturn transits are no fun, they are necessary. If we only had […]