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The Real R. Kelly 

I found this natal chart for R&B singer R. Kelly, but the data is not confirmed or rated. BUT if this is right ….it fits. He is currently in the news for allegedly having a ‘cult of women that he controls.     We know about his history of being linked to teenage girls, and […]

Usher And Saturn In Scorpio

In the news, legal documents showing Usher Raymond settled a lawsuit back in 2012 where he allegedly gave his partner herpes. His transits today definitely indicate bad news about him going viral, transiting Uranus (rules shocking/unexpected) is in square range of his natal Mercury (rules communication). Mercury is also his midheaven (reputation/public status) ruler…unexpected/shocking news […]

What Is A Bluetooth Anyway?

Well, in the hi tech Age of Aquarius, most of us know what a Bluetooth device is. Just in that instance you don’t, it is a means of exchanging wireless data amongst several different devices. Where did the name come from? It has roots in the Swedish telecommunication company Ericsson ‘ s Viking heritage. The […]

Maia Campbell’s Mercury

Video has gone viral of once tv star, Maia Campbell, asking for money to buy drugs. This is a tough call without a birth time to really see what’s going on with her, but the first thing I noticed is that she was born with a Mercury-Neptune conjunction which can indicate difficulty with mental processing […]

Jay Z vs TLC

TLC and Jay Z both released new albums on June 30th. I couldn’t fine reliable birth data for T Boz’s natal chart, but got an A rating for Chili’s chart. At the release of the album, Sun and Mars were sextile her natal Saturn, this indicates that she is ready to work hard again for […]

Poor Rob Kardashian

This guy is having some horrible transits. Transiting Pluto is square his natal Moon…an emotional meltdown, transiting Saturn is in conjunction range of his natal Saturn… Saturn return, and transiting Saturn is in square range of his natal Sun, which is the ruler of his 7th House (House of Relationships). There’s more…transiting Mars and transiting […]

Happy 4th! Here’s America’s Birthday Reading

Happy Birthday America. For all the naysayers of Astrology, while y’all celebrating the holiday cooking out and having fun, here is some knowledge for you. The founders of this country strategically used this date for astrological purposes. The United States Sun sign is #CANCER, Ascendant is #SAGITTARIUS, and Moon sign is #AQUARIUS. All of this […]

Birth Natal Chart For Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson b. AUGUST 29, 1958 Michael was born with the Sun conjunct Pluto in #Virgo. I found this very interesting because the Sun represents self, Pluto represents transformation, a darker side of Virgo is perfection. Why is this interesting? Well, Michael transformed himself over the years right before our very eyes. He was one […]