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North West Birth Chart Reading

#NorthWest b. #JUNE15, 2013 First thing I noticed is that North’s #Sun is conjunct her #Jupiter…just like her father, #Kanye. Why is this significant? Well the Sun and Jupiter are the biggest planets in our solar system, and Jupiter amplifies anything it touches. The Sun represents our vitality/#ego so, yes her ego will be inflated similar to her father’s. This conjunction is […]

The Verdict Is In: Marvin Gaye’s Estate Wins 7.4M Lawsuit

The #Verdict Is In… A day ago I did the charts of #RobinThicke and #PharrellWilliams to see how the lawsuit they faced against the estate of Marvin Gaye for #copyrightinfringement would turn out. Neither of their charts showed a victory…and I was right. The federal jury did find that the hit song #BlurredLines was indeed infringed on Gaye’s hit #GottoGiveItUp. The estate of #MarvinGaye was awarded 7.4 million. […]

Prediction: #RobinThicke Lines Might Be Blurred In Lawsuit

#MarvinGaye‘s estate is suing Robin Thicke and #PharrellWilliams for copyright infringement for the hit song #BlurredLines, which made the 2 stars about 25 million dollars. This past Friday the case went to the jury. I do not have Robin’s time of birth, so working with his birth date only he does not have very good transits. On the day […]

#PharrellWilliams Lines Blurred Too

Even without his time of birth #Pharrell has some serious transits going on. His #Sun–#Venus conjunction at 14-15° #ARIES is where #Uranus is now. That aspect has been in effect for about a year and a half now, and #Pluto has been square that point. Also his #Neptune at 7° #SAGITTARIUS is being approached by #Saturn for a conjunction, which is going to be in effect through this coming #Fall and #Winter as well. Even […]

3rd House Ruler Of The Brain + 6th House Of Health During #FloJo’s Untimely Death

#FlorenceGriffithJoyner b. #DECEMBER 21, 1959 Florence Griffith Joyner was also know as ” #FloJo“, was a track and field #Olympian. She was considered the fastest woman of all time. She set records back in #1988 that still have not been challenged to this day. Because she was so fast, she was accused of taking enhancement drugs. She became a target of constant […]

The Day Marvin Gaye Was Killed, Mars Conflicted With Saturn

#MarvinGaye b. #APRIL 2, 1939 I got a good rating on the time of birth of the late soul #singer. When I looked at his chart I saw right away someone who was dreamy and made a living off their voice. He was born with the #Moon conjunct Neptune in the 3rd House, the 3rd house rules the voice. #Neptune represents glamour, bigger […]

Taraji P Henson’s Venus And Mercury Means She’s The “It Girl”

#Taraji has come a long way since her break out role in #BabyBoy back in #2001. She was nominated for an #AcademyAward for Best Supporting #Actress in 2009. Right now she is the ‘it’ girl of television portraying #CookieLyon on the #Fox drama series #Empire. Looking at the premiere date of Empire, transiting #Mercury and #Venus were closely square her natal Venus in #SCORPIO, and square her midheaven at 5° #TAURUS. Since Venus is […]

Vivica vs. Kenya: Friends That Turned Into Foes

#VivicaFox b. #JULY 30, 1964 #KenyaMoore b. JANUARY 24, 1971 I have to admit, I have never seen these 2 in action, but all the hoopla in the #tabloids made me want to put their charts together and see what the issues are. To start with Kenya’s #Moon is in #CAPRICORN and Vivica ‘ s Moon is in #PISCES. ..both very sensitive placements. The problem is that […]

Prediction: Bruce Jenner Is Indeed Transforming

Bruce Jenner b. OCTOBER 28, 1949 Astrology can tell us a lot things about someone, but there are some things that it can’t. I can’t look at a chart and tell if it belongs to a man or woman. I could see some things about say the sex drive, but not really their sexual orientation. #BruceJenner‘s […]

Is Beyonce Pregnant?

Psychic Wayne is back in the studio with The Rickey Smiley Morning Show, and today he predicted if Beyonce is really pregnant with her second child! Watch the video to see if there’s a Blue Ivy 2.0 on the way! Plus, listen to the audio below to hear Psychic Wayne predict if there’s truth to Bill Cosby rape allegations! Your browser does not […]