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The Other Original Influencer

Anita Hill went up against Clarence Thomas first for sexual harassment then Paula Jones went after Bill Clinton in 1994 and won..well kind of. Her case was thrown out and she appealed it, then appealed again before Clinton went ahead and settled the suit for the original amount of 850,000…without an apology. Her birth data […]

Mr. Charismatic

I don’t know if Joel Osteen knows anything about Astrology, but Astrology knows about him. His sermons are seen by 20 million people a month, seen in 100 countries, and can be heard 24 hours a day in Sirius and XM Radio. He was born with Sun conjunct Jupiter (rules religion), Sun trine Neptune (rules […]

Bring Astrology Back Again

Astrology is making its way back. In 4 BC, Astrology was introduced to the Greeks by the likes of Aristotle and Plato, but in actuality it came from the Egyptians. This wisdom is thousands of years old, and all of the world’s major religions are based on the workings of Astrology. It was man who […]

Let’s Groove

My absolute favorite band of all time is Earth Wind and Fire. They were spiritually conscious and displayed it in their music. They had hit songs like “Jupiter” , “Serpentine Fire”, and “Fantasy”, no other soul/funk mainstream band was singing about this kind of thing.. At one time, Evangelical groups labeled them “devil worshippers” because […]

Jill Scott And Her Pluto T Square

Jill Scott’s short lived marriage is very evident in her natal chart. In June of 2016 when they married, transiting Pluto was in a close t square (squaring 2 planets at once) to her natal Sun and Uranus…with Uranus being the ruler of her 7th House (House of Relationships). The Sun rules her 2nd House […]

The Original Sexual Harassment Victim

Before this avalanche of sexual harassment accusations started a month ago, Anita Hill was one of the first women to deal with this matter in a high profile manner. In October of 1991, she became famous after accusing Supreme Court justice, Clarence Thomas of sexual harassment when he was up for confirmation. Well, he was […]

Venus Has Entered The Deep: SCORPIO

SCORPIO rules the hidden, dark secrets, sex/sexual desire, passion, intensity, and all things transforming. In your natal chart aspects to your Pluto and Venus will be noteworthy during this transit. Depending on how it’s aspected it can bring out jealousy and possessiveness, or….some really intense passion. Venus will be digging deep making us all want […]

Birthstone Of SCORPIO

Wearing certain stones is believed to bring good luck, health, money, etc. This originated in the Bible (yes, the Bible), when a stone was assigned to each individual tribe of Israel that the Jewish High Priest wore on a breast plate…there were 12 stones..12 tribes and 12 Zodiac signs. The stones also came to represent […]

Meek Mill’s Saturn Return

Meek Mill has been sentenced to 2 to 4 years in prison for violating his probation. The judge who has overseen Mill’s previous matters dealing with his probation, deemed the 2 arrests earlier this year led to violation. In his natal, he is having his Saturn Return, this is interesting because this transit “tests” the […]

Astrological Advice For Chris

Chris Brown releases his new album on October 31st, astrologically speaking…not so smart. On the 31st in his natal, transiting Jupiter was opposite his midheaven, that transit could normally be good, but there was a lack of any other significant transits affecting him. He had transiting Saturn and Mars quincunx his midheaven ruler, Venus, so […]