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Y’all Ready For Jesus?

There is so much talk about September 23, 2017 and what it will bring. Let me start off by saying that I am not trying to be offensive about anybody’s beliefs, but I wouldn’t hold my breath that Jesus is coming back next week. This alignment mentioned in the Bible (how many times have I […]

Astrological Weather Predictions

I have been asked a few times about an Astrological take on all this hurricane activity. My answer to that is Astrological weather prediction is grossly complex and I don’t know if it can really be trusted. In these times I do rely upon the somewhat “science” of things. I don’t completely trust them either. […]

Cardi B On Her Way!

For some time now the only female rapper dominating the charts has been Nicki Minaj. Well scoot over Nicki, you are about to be accompanied on the charts by Cardi B. In Cardi’s natal chart she is currently having her Pluto sextile and has gotten good results with her recent music releases. This is only […]

Happy Birthday Nas!!

Rapper Nas turns 44 today. He was born with Sun in VIRGO, but he and many of the great rappers were born with a strongly aspected Neptune. Neptune rules imagination, dreams, psychic ability, art and music. He was born with his Neptune trine Jupiter and sextile his Pluto-Mercury conjunction….powerful creative, charismatic writing ability. Neptune of […]

Happy Monandaeg!

Monday is named for the Moon. In Latin “dies lunae” means day of the Moon. The Old English term for this is, “monandaeg”, which is where we get Monday from. In China, Japan, and Korea, Monday is “Wan Jan”…the Moon’s day. In Astrology, the Moon rules our subconscious and the deeper characteristics of our personality. […]

Mercury Goes Direct

Although Mercury went direct on last Monday, there are about 8 to 10 days of Mercury Retrograde “shadow”. This is the period that Mercury is now about to go forward and takes some days to get back to normal. Most astrology heads (me included) rarely talk about this period. This was a brutal retrograde for […]

Happy Birthday Amy Winehouse!

Amy Winehouse b. SEPTEMBER 14, 1983 Because of how Amy died, it is very easy to look at her chart and look for the bad news first. One can’t forget first how talented she was, her Mars and Venus are strongly aspected in LEO in the 3rd House ( House of Communication), this house also […]

It’s All In The Name

With all the news reports about hurricanes, do you know what it is and where the name came from? A hurricane is defined as a tropical cyclone with winds 74 miles per hour or greater. The Taino were the indigenous people of the Caribbean, and Juracan was the god of storms…this is where we get […]

Jupiter Expanding The Royal Family

I don’t have a birth time for Kate Middleton, but she is right about to have her Jupiter Return. This pregnancy could be indicated by a transit to her 5th House (House of Children) or the ruler to the 5th…and her Jupiter Return. Some other women who became pregnant during their Jupiter Return…..

Lil Wayne Suffers Another Seizure

It is being reported that Lil Wayne has been hospitalized for seizures. I wrote this post last year, checked his chart and transiting Saturn is indeed passing over his natal Neptune….which was the caution I wrote about. That’s a hard transit and can be problematic. I guess he didn’t read the forecast I wrote for […]