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Transiting Neptune Changing The Game

Since Neptune entered the sign it rules, PISCES♓, in 2012, things belonging to the sign have become prominent. Neptune and PISCES♓ Together rule movies, television, drugs, and addiction. Since 2012, all of these things have definitely become more visible. From more diverse television, movies, legalization of marijuana, and the unfortunate opioid crisis, Neptune is doing […]

Go Get ‘Em Serena

Serena Williams has started her mission to make a comeback in tennis after giving birth to her daughter. Well, her current transits are just ok, not brilliant. When I look for athletic performance I look at Mars which currently is in a weak trine to her natal Mars. Other than that, there aren’t any big […]

Oprah’s A Wrinkle In Time

The movie stars Oprah Winfrey, so I took a look at natal for her transits. Transiting Jupiter is on her Mars and she’s having her Saturn sextile…those are good transits…BUT she’s surprisingly having a lack of activity to her midheaven or midheaven ruler. This indicates nothing great, but certainly nothing terrible. The movie will have […]

Saturn And Melania

As if the last week and a half wasn’t enough bad news for Donald Trump, there is about to be more. White House spokesperson, Sarah Sanders, pretty much confirmed on yesterday that there was some sort of legal deal made by Trump and porn star, Stormy Daniels, to hide their affair….which he has vehemently denied. […]

Astrological Godfather

Sir Isaac Newton is considered The Godfather “of Physics. He was a mathematician and astronomer whose scientific work remains to the basis of scientists work today. He made it clear that he used Astrology and many of his colleagues couldn’t understand why this scientific genius would believe in such “rubbish”. He was asked by another […]

Jupiter Magic

In a post back in September 2017, I wrote that transiting Jupiter was about to put Cardi B’s career on another level by Spring 2018. She has steadily gained momentum and will appear on the cover of the April issue of Cosmopolitan Magazine. Currently transiting Jupiter is conjunct her natal Pluto-Venus conjunction while transiting Pluto […]

Get Better Rick Ross

Rick Ross is having some very big and drastic transits indicating his health event. He is having his Neptune Square which is real tricky, during this transit if there any other difficult transits at the time, it can be very challenging. On top of his Neptune Square, transiting Saturn is on his natal Moon. This […]

She Did It First

Successful celebrity inspired fragrances weren’t plentiful in 1987 when Elizabeth Taylor released her fragrance, Passion. It was met with some hesitation but ended up opening a new door for her entrepreneurial pursuits. She went on to release White Diamonds in 1991 that was extremely successful. Its still to this day a top selling fragrance. Before […]

Where’s Nicki?

Nicki Minaj has been off the social media scene since the end of December. Her absence is feeding rumors that she is in rehab for Percocet addiction issues. There is no hard core evidence of that, but her transits do suggest something has been going on that’s not been favorable. In November of 2017, transiting […]