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Yoruba Religion: Orisha Yemaya

The deity, Yemaya, is one of the most powerful Orishas in Santeria/Yoruba religion. She is the mother over all living things and rules over motherhood, and owns all the waters on Earth. She gave birth to the stars, the Sun, and Moon and all the other Orishas. She is nuturing and protective of her children […]

Prince: An Icon Falls

Even though Prince was born GEMINI Sun, his Ascendant was SCORPIO ruled by Pluto which rules sex, darkness, and mysterious things. Those familiar with his music you know that his persona and music definitely had to do with all of that. He was also born with Pluto at the very top of his chart conjunct […]

Farewell Kobe!

Kobe Bryant played his last NBA game last night against the Golden State Warriors. This was his final game before retiring from professional basketball. A great night it was for him, he scored 60 points before the Lakers lost to the Warriors. His natal transits tells the story. When I look at athletic performance, I […]

Janet Jackson And Second Comeback

Janet Jackson recently announced the cancellation of her Unbreakable Tour. She says it is to start a family, I can believe it. The more I study her chart the more I am certain she must be working with an astrologer with the timing of her decisions for the past year or more. In her chart, […]

Saturn: Life’s Personal Trainer

If you know anything about astrology you may know that Saturn transits generally are not a lot of fun. This is true especially when it is squaring another planet. The planet was actually named after the god Saturn who had a reputation of being cruel, in mythology he castrated his own father and ate his […]

What Is A Transit?

I get asked this a lot because of the posts I write like, “transiting Saturn is square his natal Venus” etc. There are people that read my posts that find them interesting and yet don’t understand the language. That’s fine. My purpose is to show how asteology works and I try to make it as […]