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Want To Be A Billionaire?

So you Wanna Be A Billionaire? Do you want to be rich like #LilianeBettencourt who is listed by #Forbes as the richest woman in the world? Well, she is worth 44 b., so your planet alignment would have to go similar to hers. She is an heiress, socialite, and businesswoman. She is the principal shareholder […]

Psychic Wayne Predicts Outcome Of Floyd Mayweather’s Next Fight [EXCLUSIVE VIDEO]

I recently stopped through The Rickey Smiley Morning show studio to providea glimpse into the future. I took a look at Floyd Mayweather‘s next big fight against Connor McGregor  and let everyone know whether this will be another win for Mayweather. I also shed some light on Rickey Smiley‘s career, and when he can expect […]

Psychic Wayne Predicts Whether Iggy Azalea Will Ever Be At The Top Of Rap Game [EXCLUSIVE AUDIO]

I was recently on The Rickey Smiley Morning Show,  answering love, money, and business questions for listeners. I guided several listeners in the right direction in their relationships, new marriages, business decisions, and more. Headkrack asked the question that we’ve all been wondering the answer to, will Iggy Azalea ever take her place at the top of […]

The Pleasure Principle Of Venus

The Pleasure Principle Venus entered the sign #TAURUS on June 6th. She is the ruler of TAURUS, which rules love, money, sensuality, beauty, luxury, rich foods…all things we find pleasurable. During this transit love and relationship can become more of a thought, be balanced. This transit is also for those feeling “less than”. Pamper yourself, […]

Psychic Wayne Shares A Reading On Leslie Jones

Remember last year Leslie Jones’s online ordeal with her private photos? She was the host at this year’s BET Awards bringing her bigger public visibility….in a much brighter light. My original post was written July 21, 2016. From Mars Return to Jupiter Return I previously posted about her having her Mars Return and transiting Saturn […]

Marilyn Monroe Birth Chart Reading

Marilyn Monroe b. June 1, 1926 She was and still is one of the world’s most enduring sex symbols. With her rising sign being Leo and Neptune at 22° 13′ Leo, this made her the glamorous and mysterious blonde that she was. Marilyn had Taurus in her midheaven and the ruler, Venus in Aries. Her […]