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The Discovery Of Neptune

The planet Neptune was discovered September 23, 1846 by an astronomer named Johann Galle. Even though the first photograph was taken in 1826 or 1827, the first color photograph (inset) was taken a few years after the discovery of Neptune.   Neptune rules photographs, movies, and television, it ushered in a new technology. Neptune is […]

Floyd Mayweather Turns 41

When someone is born with Sun in PISCES♓, most don’t picture a professional boxer….especially one with a winning record of 50-0. It all goes to show that in #realastrology your personal astrological makeup is individually set. PISCEANS♓ aren’t known for their athletic skills, they have a hold on the artistic department. Mayweather’s Sun is in […]

Pluto Squares Thug Misses

The Queens Court Podcast has been getting a lot attention in recent weeks. From what I understand it had grown and become a hit on YouTube until the stars of the show, Khia and TS Madison (why doesn’t she just call herself Madison???) had a falling out. Khia is known by a hit record back […]

The Sun

Even if you do not subscribe to Astrology….you probably have posted how your sign is the best, it’s that season, and you’ve been in the club waving your hands when the DJ shouts out your sign. Ok, even if you don’t, I have yet to meet anyone who didn’t know their Zodiac sign 😁. Your […]

Wendy Williams’ Health

Talk show Queen, Wendy Williams recently announced that she has been diagnosed with Graves disease. Graves disease is an autoimmune condition that causes an overactive thyroid. She probably started to feel symptoms a few months back when transiting Saturn was in opposition to her natal Mars-Venus conjunction….Venus rules the thyroid. That transit was exact when […]

The Prehistoric iPhone

This is a picture of the prototype in 1983 that led to the iPhone. Some say it’s the first iPhone…not quite. Apple didn’t start to put the prefix “i” until 1998’s release of the iMac. If some of you iPhone users didn’t know, the “i” stands for internet which wasn’t heard of in 1983 (I’m […]

Melania And Transiting Saturn 

With revelations of a second affair her husband reportedly paid to keep secret, Melania’s transits tells the story. Transiting Saturn is conjunct her natal Moon and square her natal Uranus…an unexpected emotionally difficult time with her relationship. The transit is pretty exact right now and was in range a month or so ago when the […]

Angela Bassett’s Midheaven Ruler

I did a post about Angela Basset’s career a few years back but don’t have time to find it, so here is a new one. The post was about how she hasn’t received the notoriety that she deserves in Hollywood and how that would be changing. Her role in Black Panther looks like it will […]

The Magic Of Neptune

Since Neptune entered PISCES ♓ in 2012, there have been some real changes in the movie and television industry. It was only 2 years ago that #oscarssowhite was the trending hashtag. Now that Neptune is almost the midpoint of PISCES♓ we are seeing the results. This year Denzel Washington and Daniel Kaluuya are nominees for […]

Cardi B’s Baby Bump

Is it rumor or truth? I don’t know, but it looks very possible looking at her transits. Transiting Uranus is opposite her natal Jupiter…an unexpected badly timed event or addition to her family? Transiting Jupiter is conjunct her natal Venus, too which is another vote for an addition. I don’t have a confirmed time of […]