The Connection Between Beyonce’ And Oshun

Oshun is an African deity that rules love and money. Her color is gold/yellow, and she is the essence of love, sweetness, beauty, and flowing joy. She is one of many Orishas (deities) that come from West Africa that came with the slaves through the islands when they were brought from Africa.

The slave masters forbade them to practice their homeland religion because it was”devil worship”. The slaves still worshipped their gods by attaching them to Catholic saints and pretended as if they are praying to the saint. This religion is still practiced in Cuba and other islands with slave history.

Kudos to you, Beyonce’, for honoring a deity from our ancestors. It is really unfortunate that many people of African descent still believe this way of worship is associated with the devil. Our ancestors worshipped the gods they knew before someone else’s beliefs were forced upon them.


As far as Beyonce’s transits, there is no way you could miss all the posts containing Beyonce’s image, lyrics, etc.

She released a string of new videos with lyrics alluding that her husband, Jay Z, has been unfaithful. If you think she’s trending now…this is only the beginning. Come August/September, transiting Jupiter enters LIBRA where her Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Venus, and Pluto is.

I posted about this transit when she did her Superbowl performance that she was gearing up to be in the public eye again. The timing of this is impeccable, because this is the same transit she had about 12 years ago when she came out as a solo artist and quickly became iconic.

Jupiter goes around the zodiac every 12 years staying in 1 sign per year and it is about to be right where it was when she released Dangerousy In Love. She is about to be big all over again…is that possible?? Maybe the timing is a coincidence or maybe she’s getting some astrological guidance? I firmly believe the latter…



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