Calm Before The Storm

On March 25th, 60 Minutes, will run an interview with porn actress, Stormy Daniels about her alleged affair and hush money from President Trump. I personally don’t have that big of an issue with the affair, it was a long time ago and folks make bad decisions sometimes, but for him to pay her to keep quiet… that’s an integrity issue.


His transits on the 25th are less than favorable. Transiting Mars (rules the sex drive) will be in an exact square to his natal Neptune (lies, betrayal)…hes being betrayed due to his sex drive, along with transiting Saturn (rules consequences) square that same point. On top of that, transiting Saturn will be opposite his natal Mercury. Oh and the big clincher is that Neptune that will be in an exact from transiting Mars and Saturn….is the ruler of his 7th House (House of Relationships/Marriage), this will not and what we already have heard has not gone over well with his wife. Transiting Uranus (rules unexpected/surprise) is in square range of his natal Venus (rules women), Daniels attorney alleges that there are 6 more women with pay off stories like Daniels. Hold on to your wig, Melania.



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