Celebrity Reading: Beyoncé Is In Full Control


Celebrity Natal Chart Revisited: Beyoncé b. SEPTEMBER 4, 1981 (Originally posted: 8.25.14)

I apologize in advance to those who find these Beyoncé feeds annoying (me included) for adding to the frenzy. I did take a look at her transits during her performance last night, which she did very well.

With all the tabloids about her marriage crumbling there was some real emotion in that performance. Her natal Moon is at 19° Scorpio and transiting Saturn is conjunct that at 17°. This is a very sobering transit dealing with our deep rooted emotions and worries.

It tends to cause us to worry about things that are out of our control. Is she worried about her marriage? Probably. But when she took the stage she was in complete control. Transiting Pluto was trine her Sun, still making her a trendsetter for other female artists. Her natal Jupiter is at 12° 22′ Libra, sextile transiting Moon at 13°26′ Leo and transiting Venus at 14°20′ Leo. All put together indicates a stellar and emotional performance. Ok, she will not be in my feeds for a while.