Celebrity Reading: Claudia Jordan Vs. NeNe Leakes #RHOA


Claudia Jordan b. APRIL 12, 1973
Nene Leakes b. DECEMBER 13, 1967

@ClaudiaJordan will be 1 of 2 new additions to season 7 of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Her compatibility with veteran cast mate @NeneLeakes should be a very interesting match. On the surface I see basic good compatibility between these two for friendship. Claudia ‘ s Moon at 24° Leo and her Sun at 22° Aries works well with Nene ‘ s Sun. Their Mars conjunct which indicates similar drive. Nene ‘ s north node is conjunct Claudia ‘ s Venus, so they would make pretty good friends. However, when I look at how their charts work together it goes bad. You could say that they are in “business” together because they work on the show together…problem. Claudia ‘ s Saturn is opposite Nene’s Sun and Mercury, Nene may see a Claudia as a bit of a drag, and Claudia may be rubbed the wrong way by Nene’s ego.

In the case of their “business” you could say it comes down to “who is getting the most attention on the show”. Claudia ‘ s Saturn is is also square Nene ‘ s Pluto which would make for some power struggle. Nene ‘ s Saturn is close enough to Claudia ‘ s midheaven where she may attempt to restrict or hinder Claudia ‘ s career/mark in life. Nene’s Pluto is opposite Claudia ‘ s midheaven, Sun and Venus, so there is a reasonable chance that Nene could do something underhanded to keep Claudia from getting the exposure that she should. Furthermore, Nene ‘ s Venus is square Claudia ‘ s Mars and Jupiter, so they may not approve of each others taste or excesses. Nene has a history of being domineering over some of the other cast mates, but Claudia is going to push back. If these 2 opened a giftshop together there needs to be a clean up crew because they will definitely be knocking some ish over!