Death In My Predictions

Recently it seems a lot of people are calling me inquiring about death. Death is a topic that is not on my list because The Higher Power handles that, not me or my natal chart readings. I believe it is unethical and just wrong to do this because the power of suggestion is extremely strong especially when someone has come to you for answers.

Even the most highly skilled Astrologer can make a wrong prediction and a wrong prediction about someone dying can cause all sorts of anxiety and fear. There have been times I have given caution to clients when I see particular transits that can cause mayhem. Even in my own chart, if I have a Uranus-Mars-Pluto transit…. I become more aware when driving, picking fights 😄, staying out of dark alleys etc. Those transits can indicate some type of danger without meaning death. Most Astrologers I know agree that death is off the table. When I do the transits for celebrities that have passed, I talk about the transits that happened indicating their death in hindsight. The truth is that some of us have those same transits and didn’t die. I gather there are some Astrologers that will obliged you and discuss your death or your love ones death. You want to know if you’re about to go to jail for not paying child support or breaking out the windshield of your ex girlfriends car, picking the best date to get married, seeing when you will meet somebody, seeing how your business will do….Im here for you. Somebody passing away? I’m not the one. #RealAstrologyWayne#astrology #predictions #death



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