ELECTION 2016: Barack Obama And Hillary Clinton Astrology

Looking at President Obama’s and Democratic Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton’s natal charts, I noticed something I never did before. They both have their Moon’s North Node in their 7th House ( House of Relationships). Our Moon’s North Mode is also known as our destiny point. It is what we are to strive for and learn in this life. Our South Node is in the opposite position of the North, so their South Node is in the 1st House (House of Self/Identity). There is a karmic connection with the nodes, past life they achieved on their own and in this life is about partnerships helping to achieve.

As we know, Hillary’s husband, Bill Clinton, is a former President of the U.S. Through out Barack’s political career, his wife, Michelle, has been a huge part of his success and support, especially while he has been in office. Achievement with a partner is what it’s all about for them, doesn’t matter that he is President and she’s aiming to be, whatever career they would have chosen, partnership would have been the key.

Interesting thing is that their nodes square, his is 27° LEO and hers is 23° TAURUS, I am willing to bet they are not very fond of each other personally. It is again the partnership between the 2 of them that has helped them achieve politically.



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