farewell kobe bryant

Farewell Kobe!

Kobe Bryant played his last NBA game last night against the Golden State Warriors. This was his final game before retiring from professional basketball. A great night it was for him, he scored 60 points before the Lakers lost to the Warriors. His natal transits tells the story.

When I look at athletic performance, I look to Mars (rules athleticism/athletes) first. In LIBRA, he has a stellium of planets that conjunct, Mars, Pluto, and Venus. This stellium was in sextile range of transiting Saturn in SAGITTARIUS indicating that his Mars was strongly aspected.

His Uranus at 12° SCORPIO was in sextile range of transiting Jupiter in VIRGO this indicated something big and unexpected was going to occur…everyone expected a goodbye, but not 60 points. He went out with a bang for sure leaving some wondering if he will be back.

Good game and good luck!!



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