Floyd Mayweather Turns 41

When someone is born with Sun in PISCES♓, most don’t picture a professional boxer….especially one with a winning record of 50-0. It all goes to show that in #realastrology your personal astrological makeup is individually set.

PISCEANS♓ aren’t known for their athletic skills, they have a hold on the artistic department. Mayweather’s Sun is in PISCES♓, but his natal Mars (rules athleticism/violence) is in AQUARIUS♒ in opposition to his natal Saturn (rules structure/discipline) in LEO♌…he is athletic and violent in a disciplined way. He has been disciplined and taught to be aggressive and violent inside the boxing ring. Not only that, his natal Mars is square Uranus and trine Pluto in his chart…he was born with a hugely powerful Mars… and it has done well for him. Mayweather was also born with a Grand Trine in Fire…fire rules competition. He was also born with Jupiter conjunct the Moon in TAURUS♉, I know you are worth millions, Floyd……but watch the spending.



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