Ground Breaking Neptune

I have written several posts about Neptune transiting the sign it rules, PISCES♓. Planets transiting the sign it rules brings things to surface that are ruled by that sign.

Drugs, movies, and television are all ruled by Neptune and PISCES♓…and indeed these things have come to the surface. The legalization of weed, the opiod crisis, and more diversity in movies and television. The movie, Black Panther is clearly the most anticipated movie with a predominantly Black cast that we have ever experienced in history. Neptune entered PISCES♓ in 2012 and currently is at 13° PISCES♓, it’s almost in sextile range of transiting Saturn at 6° CAPRICORN♑. This aspect indicates that the success of this movie builds more structure for even more diversity…not only for Black people…but for all people that have been behind the 8 ball in Hollywood. Neptune will be in PISCES♓ until 2025.



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