Happy Birthday Amy Winehouse!

Amy Winehouse b. SEPTEMBER 14, 1983

Because of how Amy died, it is very easy to look at her chart and look for the bad news first. One can’t forget first how talented she was, her Mars and Venus are strongly aspected in LEO in the 3rd House ( House of Communication), this house also rules the voice. Mars and Venus both got a trine from her Neptune/South Node conjunction (Neptune rules creativity). The ruler of her 3rd House is the Sun which squares her Neptune. ..this is where it gets interesting. On one hand, a positive aspect from Neptune to anything in the 3rd House will make your way of communicating very artistic. She was not only a singer she wrote as well. On the other hand the square between the Sun and Neptune is difficult because it can harm the ego or self image, and cause a need for escapism from reality.

There are probably many reasons why she had addiction problems, but Neptune-Sun square is a big part of it. Before her death, Pluto had been conjunct her natal Moon for a couple of years, and according to sources she had been cleaning up her act. But it was that last binge that got her. At the time of her death she was having her inverse node return…the north node was conjunct her south node – Neptune conjunction.

You really could say that she was destined to die of drugs or alcohol somehow, especially with a transit like that going on. An added push came from Mars, which at 22°GEMINI was conjunct her North node. This despite the fact that transiting Saturn was trine her midheaven which does indicate she was working on getting her life back together. A clear case could be made that this was some kind of past life Karma that her soul had to experience to evolve. She passed away on July 23, 2011. This may be the reason she didn’t want to go to rehab, which she sings about in one of her most famous songs, “Rehab”. RIP.



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