Happy Birthday Aretha ♈

Aretha Franklin turned 76. Franklin was given the title, “Queen Of Soul” around the late 1960s when she signed with Atlantic Records and had big commercial success.

She recorded 41 studio albums and had a record 73 songs to hit the Billboards Too 100. That record stood until recently after Nicki Minaj beat her with 76 entries. Franklin was known for her strong and soulful voice. Even though she was born with Sun in ARIES♈, she was also born with a Mars-Jupiter conjunction in GEMINI♊ and the ruler in PISCES♓….that will do it every time. Rolling Stone Magazine did a survey on what singer’s voice lifts the hairs on your neck and makes an emotional connection like no one else? Franklin came in at number 1. That Mars-Jupiter conjunction in GEMINI♊ in her 7th House (House of Relationships) is also responsible for her song writing talents about relationships, she penned her hits, Day Dreaming, Lets Get Away, Rock Steady, and Call Me. #RealAstrologyWayne#astrology #arethafranklin #aries



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