Jeff Sessions

Psychic Wayne Shares A Reading On U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions

Psychic Wayne shares a reading on U.S. Attorney General, Jeff Sessions.

Born on 1946/12/24

“Still Smoke”

It is confirmed, Russia influenced the 2016 election. Who and how is a puzzle still being put together behind the scenes. Jeff Sessions and his “I do not recall” Will be different in a court of law. I have to be patient and let the investigation take place. I would be saying; I do not recall, too because the s*it is serious. Any texts, emails, witnesses will be looked at and played out differently than in front of the Senate. Somebody lying, either James Comey or Jeff Sessions. I am betting my money that Sessions recollection and his reason not to talk about his conversations with Trump, makes me real suspicious.

Transiting Saturn opposite range of Jeff Session’s natal Uranus and transiting Pluto on his natal Moon. This period is going to be rather uncomfortable for him to say the least.



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