International Tensions Increase

International tension increases as transiting Saturn has retrograded back to 21° SAGITTARIUS squaring the US natal Neptune at 22° VIRGO in her 9th House (International Affairs). Also transiting Saturn is in opposition to her natal Mars (rules war). Today it’s confirmed that North Korea has a nuclear head that can be launched by missile. Pyongyang is threatening to strike U.S. territory of Guam. Trump has sent a warning of “fire and fury” to North Korea. They need to settle down because this is hardly good news for none of us, them included.

The United States Neptune Being Hit  Transiting Saturn is on its way retrograding back squaring the US’s midheaven and natal Neptune. Makes sense since the midheaven rules our reputation…all the goings on in this nation’s capitol, how our election was tampered with by a foreign country as the whole world watched, does indeed knock the reputation of the country that is suppose to be the world’s superpower. With tensions rising in Syria between the US and Russia, North Korea and their missiles, not to mention the death of 22 year old Otto Warmbier who was in a coma while in their custody, the terror attacks in the UK and France ….international crisis are peaking. I’m not being an alarmist, but things could get out of hand between the US and Russia both being in Syria challenging each other about US shooting down Syrian drones and warplanes. At the same time Saturn will also be opposite US natal Mars (Mars rules war). The US’s Neptune is being pounded by Saturn in her 9th House, and what does the 9th House rule? It rules international affairs.



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