It’s All In The Name

With all the news reports about hurricanes, do you know what it is and where the name came from? A hurricane is defined as a tropical cyclone with winds 74 miles per hour or greater.

The Taino were the indigenous people of the Caribbean, and Juracan was the god of storms…this is where we get the word “hurricane”. Juracan was considered the god of chaos and was perpetually angry. Some sources agree that it wasn’t Juracan that did the dirty work of hurricanes, but the goddess Guabancex and her 2 henchmen, Guataba and Coatrisquie. Guabancex was known as the “Taino Storm Goddess “. The Taino knew the hurricanes well, they inhabited modern day Bahamas, PuertoRico, Jamaica, Greater and Lesser Antilles, and this territory was in the path of frequent fierce storms. Hang tight to all my friends in those areas threatened by Hurricane Irma and those recently affected by Hurricane Harvey.



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