James Comey

Psychic Wayne On “James Comey Mania”

Yes, James Comey is famous with 19.5 million viewers tuned into his testimony in front of the Senate last Thursday. With Hillary Clinton’s emails and Donald Trump’s Russian connections, they have made doing his job a living hell! However, it might be worth it; huge book deals are reportedly already being offered to him.

As I previously stated…

Fame For Comey? When I worked with Donald Trump’s natal chart, I confirmed the time of birth. This is why I like working with his chart because the exact time gives lots of details about what area of his life is being affected. When working with James Comey’s chart, I did not have a birth time, so the areas of his life being affected we do not know for sure. However, when working without a birth time, things can still be seen because of the planets and the signs involved. Comey’s much-anticipated appearance will be one of the most significant moments in history. If I had a birth time, I am sure his Midheaven (public status/reputation) will be having major transits to it, making him famous. There is a way to figure birth times called rectification. However, I ain’t got time for all that.



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