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Janet Jackson And Second Comeback

Janet Jackson recently announced the cancellation of her Unbreakable Tour. She says it is to start a family, I can believe it. The more I study her chart the more I am certain she must be working with an astrologer with the timing of her decisions for the past year or more. In her chart, Uranus and Pluto have been conjunct or square her Moon or her Venus. Any transits to our natal Moon is going to do a lot to our emotional core, like make us think a lot about starting a family.

These big transits to her natal Venus are very important, too because the planet Venus is a major player in her chart, it rules her Sun, Mars, Mercury, and her North Node. The peak of those transits to her Moon and Venus have passed, but now Pluto is about to be trine her Mars for the next decade (Pluto transits are very slow). So, yes the big transits she had back last year with the release of the album and the announcement of the tour brought her clearly back into the limelight (the timing of that was exact to make her famous all over again).

The Pluto transit trine her Mars, and transiting Saturn will be trine her Venus for the next year or more indicates that she can comeback again and do very well. As far as having a baby, I don’t have a good time of birth for her, but with all the transits to her Moon and Venus, I would say it is possible. Not many entertainers get to comeback, then comeback again, then again…unless they use the services of an astrologer >;)



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