Jay Z vs TLC

TLC and Jay Z both released new albums on June 30th.

I couldn’t fine reliable birth data for T Boz’s natal chart, but got an A rating for Chili’s chart. At the release of the album, Sun and Mars were sextile her natal Saturn, this indicates that she is ready to work hard again for music success (I don’t know if that was ever an issue). But honestly, there are no noteworthy transits to her midheaven or to it’s ruler Mercury. Hopefully, the record will do ok, though. Interestingly, Jay Z has the same midheaven ruler as Chili which is Mercury.

His Mercury is a different story, though. Transiting Jupiter was trine his midheaven and sextile his Mercury indicating all the attention the record is getting. Mmm, but transiting Saturn will be stationed close to his midheaven ruler soon….legal dispute with Kanye about Tidal might get ugly.



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