Jupiter In SCORPIO Finds Amelia Earhart

In previous posts I explained how SCORPIO♏ rules the dark, mystery, sex, and death while Jupiter is the general ruler of justice and seeks the truth. Transiting Jupiter enters SCORPIO♏ in October 2017 and exposed many secrets about the world of sexual harassment.

Well, now Jupiter has uncovered another secret that has been hidden for over 8 decades. The mystery of what happened to Amelia Earhart. On July 2, 1937, she and a navigator attempted to circumnavigate the globe, they were aiming for Howland Island which is just north of the equator. After take off from Lae, New Guinea, they completely vanished. 3 years later bones were found about 350 miles away from Howland Island that were intially thought to be hers, but examined by researchers and determined to be bones of a Polynesian male. Earhart was on a mission to become the first woman to fly around the globe, since the day she vanished, there have been many theories about what happened to her. Looking at her natal chart, this discovery actually shows… transiting Pluto (rules death, mysteries) is on her midheaven(our mark in life), transiting Jupiter (the ruler of her 8th House which rules death/mysteries) conjunct her natal Uranus which rules her North Node…confirmation of her death and whereabouts that was a long time mystery is big public news for her reputation…her mysterious disappearance is her mark in life. The remains found 3 years after she went missing were actually hers, it took today’s technology to help with the research. Had Earhart made it around the globe, she would indeed be hailed a hero, but her vanishing became one of the most talked about mysteries in the world. Jupiter in SCORPIO♏ uncovered it.



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