Left Eye Birth Chart Reading

#LisaLeftEyeLopes b. #MAY27, #1971

When I read charts, sometimes it blows my mind. Looking at Lisa’s chart did just that. She was born with LEO Ascendant, GEMINI Sun and #CANCER Moon. A real interesting mix. The #GEMINI #Sun and #LEO Ascendant makes for her being the big colorful personality in show business that she was. Her Moon in #CANCER was in her 12th House (where we hide our true selves). The Moon is the ruler of our emotional being, and we know that she had some really big emotional events like burning down #AndreRison’ s mansion. With the big public persona that we saw on stage, at the end of the day Moon in CANCER in the 12th wants to hide under a rock. She was never comfortable being famous, and before her death her documentary detailed how she was changing and becoming more #spiritual and less about #entertainment. She was no doubt talented, she was born with #Mercury conjunct #Venus in #TAURUS, this sextiled her #Moon in #CANCER. That aspect made her talented and able to create with a lot of emotional depth. Her #Sun and Ascendant were strongly aspected, so that really made the person we saw bigger than life, but that #Moon in #CANCER made her withdrawn.
She died on #April25, #2002 in a car crash in #Honduras. When we look for a crash we look to #Mars and #Uranus. On that day, transiting #Neptune was directly on top of her natal #Mars (Mars rules violence and machinery), this indicates that she was not paying attention to details. Transiting Mars was in #GEMINI passing over her Sun making her impatient, on top of this the 3rd House rules short trips, her 3rd is ruled by #Venus, and Mars……was square that. On any given day these transits wouldn’t make a huge issue, but put all together there is trouble. Having that #Moon in her 12th in #CANCER, really indicates she hid who she really was because even though she looked comfortable being a rock star she wasn’t completely. In #astrology the planets rule specific body parts, the #Sun rules the right eye, and the Moon… rules the left eye.



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