Lil Bow Wow Faking It

Lil Bow Wow Faking It

Ok, I didn’t realize he is no longer called Lil Bow Wow, he’s called Shadd Moss which I assume is his real name. Anyway, a picture he posted on Instagram of an entrance to a private jet that he was supposedly about to catch….was a stock picture of a travel company.

Why Lil Bow I mean Shadd?? From what I hear this isnt the first time he has faked the funk on social media and been caught. Right now transiting Saturn is on top of his natal Iranis indicating his creativity is being crushed (does he still make music??)

Things will suck for him until the Fall as he finishes up his #Saturn Return…this is when you “reap what you sow”.

Saturn will also be squaring his Sun at the same time. Stop doing this crap…you’re going to be caught again. Aren’t you an executive producer of the hip hop reality show?

Enjoy the success of that show and build the life you want or at least use images that can’t be reversed.



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