Lil Wayne Suffers Another Seizure

It is being reported that Lil Wayne has been hospitalized for seizures. I wrote this post last year, checked his chart and transiting Saturn is indeed passing over his natal Neptune….which was the caution I wrote about. That’s a hard transit and can be problematic. I guess he didn’t read the forecast I wrote for him. TMZ is reporting that Lil Wayne drank 2 bottles of cough syrup before he had 2 seizures causing an emergency plane landing on yesterday. Saturn is about to pass over your Neptune, Lil Wayne.

Old Post: It is being reported that rapper Lil Wayne is hospitalized after suffering a seizure during a flight that made an emergency landing in Omaha. Transiting Mars is within conjunction range of his natal Uranus and transiting Uranus is opposite his natal #Mercury. In general, Mercury rules the nervous system and Uranus rules nerve impulses, this is the first place I look for seizures/neurological issues. Could this be due to some type of drug induced issue. Yes. He also had transiting Jupiter just barely in square range of his natal Neptune….Jupiter rules too much or a lot and Neptune rules addiction/drugs. I do not have his exact birth time so I can’t really tell if this is a long term problem or damaging. If drugs are an issue, he had better be careful because transiting #Saturn passing over his Neptune by the end of the year won’t be pretty



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