Want To Be A Billionaire?

So you Wanna Be A Billionaire?

Do you want to be rich like #LilianeBettencourt who is listed by #Forbes as the richest woman in the world? Well, she is worth 44 b., so your planet alignment would have to go similar to hers. She is an heiress, socialite, and businesswoman. She is the principal shareholder of L’Oreal. Her chart indicates it all; she was born with Mars in #CAPRICORN in her 2nd House (House of Money). Mars is exalted (works the best) in CAPRICORN and rules work/reputation. She was also born with Saturn, Mercury, Sun, and Jupiter in #LIBRA in her 11th House (House of Friends/Associations) that indicates someone with many wealthy associates and friends. Wherever #LEO falls in our natal chart shows where we can become famous. Bettencourt was born with Neptune in LEO. And what does Neptune rule? It rules glamor….she is a billionaire many times over because of beauty/glamor products.



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