Lucky Star Transit

On September 14, 1984 at the 1st Annual MTV Awards, Madonna was to perform her new single, Lucky Star which had gotten radio play. She was defiant not to perform that song, but to perform the title song of her forthcoming album, Like A Virgin.

This was the night that would eventually catapult her into pop culture status. At the time I had no knowledge of Astrology, but remember watching the performance. In her chart that night, transiting Pluto was conjunct her natal Jupiter-Neptune conjunction, sextile her midheaven ruler, and transiting North Node was conjunct her midheaven. Her agents and even MTV were uncomfortable during the provocative performance and singing “like a virgin”. It was that star alignment that indicated she was about to be an international star. Madonna is very vocal about her use of Astrology, but I’m not sure if she was into in 1984…looks like she very well could have been. The amazing thing about Astrology is that it’s not a belief system, you don’t have to “believe” for it to work, it only mirrors what happens on Earth. We all have had big highs and lows in life, with the correct birth data, it can be seen Astrologically. The Pluto (rules transformation) transit was in her 2nd House (Money) and in the sign it rules, SCORPIO♏ (rules sex) changed her life through a performance that was sexual in nature. And the rest is history.



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