Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe Birth Chart Reading

Marilyn Monroe b. June 1, 1926

She was and still is one of the world’s most enduring sex symbols. With her rising sign being Leo and Neptune at 22° 13′ Leo, this made her the glamorous and mysterious blonde that she was. Marilyn had Taurus in her midheaven and the ruler, Venus in Aries. Her Sun conjunct Mercury in Gemini, she may have played a dumb blonde, but this aspect indicates that she was extremely bright.

The Moon and Jupiter conjunct in Aquarius made her stand out from other actors, making her very popular. Saturn in Scorpio describes the darker side of her, such as sexual obsessions. Mars and Uranus in Pisces indicate her problems with addiction to drinking and drugs. In her 11th House ( House of Groups/Associations ) she had Pluto in Cancer, all her life she yearned to belong or fit in and had a real need for a family life.Unfortunately, it eluded her.

She of an overdose at the age of 36.



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