Mercury Goes Direct

Although Mercury went direct on last Monday, there are about 8 to 10 days of Mercury Retrograde “shadow”. This is the period that Mercury is now about to go forward and takes some days to get back to normal.

Most astrology heads (me included) rarely talk about this period. This was a brutal retrograde for me personally because retrograde Mercury landed directly to the degree on my Mercury-Pluto conjunction opposite transiting Neptune. A number of misunderstandings and quarrels with friends, my laptop crashing, and a car malfunction (all ruled by Mercury).

The good thing about knowing Astrology is that I understand what’s happening and that it’s just temporary. I had to examine what necessary losses and changes needed to be made once that transit is done…I made them. An example of Mercury preparing to change gears and go forward was when Mercury went direct the day of the 2000 Presidential Election between Bush and Gore…it was weeks before the winner was declared through all the chaos. The shadow period ends September 19th, but the thick of it is over…until next retrograde.



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