Nelly’s Uranus Opposition

When I first saw this and looked at Nelly’s chart, I saw right away he is having his Uranus Opposition. What is that? It’s when transiting Uranus is opposite our natal Uranus.

This post isn’t about whether or not he’s guilty, because we know he’s not the first celebrity at the “he raped me” rodeo. This post is about the event or events this transit can bring. This transit happens to us usually between 40 and 42, and it can feel as though something strange or disruptive is happening in our lives. If our lives have been a certain way for so long, this transit comes in and shakes s*it up and makes us reevaluate things . What’s interesting is that the transit is almost exact, his natal Uranus is at 28° LIBRA and transiting Uranus is at 27° ARIES..almost exactly opposite. This is can be a difficult and challenging transit, but its necessary for us to evolve. He is also having transiting Pluto opposite his natal Saturn…there’s a big lesson for him with this event that could cause some kind of transformation. If he isn’t guilty, i am sure or I at least hope he will avoid these circumstances next time. If he is guilty….well, the writing will be on the wall for him.



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