Neptune In PISCES

On February 3, 2012, transiting Neptune enter the sign it rules, PISCES♓. When a planet enters a sign it rules, things belonging to that sign become prominent….PISCES♓ rules drugs, addiction, television, and film.

It is obvious that this list has become prominent. If I’m not mistaken, 29 states have broad legalization of marijuana and a few for recreational use. Los Angeles just legalized marijuana for recreational use starting yesterday and the lines are around the block to purchase. It is expected to bring in over a billion while making some people very rich. Yes, also Neptune in the sign it rules indicates the crisis we are in with opiate addiction and overdoses at alarming rates. In the film industry, the diversity in movies and television have made strides making television and movies more “everybody” friendly. This includes more shows and movies with Black, Latino, and Asian stars. Neptune in PISCES♓ also ushered in more visibility for those in the LGBT community on television and film. All of this happened after 2012. Neptune will be in PISCES♓ until 2025.



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