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Will O.J. Simpson Get Out Of Jail? His Transits Say Yes…In 2017

Today marks the 20 year anniversary of the verdict in O.J. Simpson case. O.J. was tried for killing his wife Nicole Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman, and was aquitted.. Looking at his chart I see the aspects that made him an athlete, that made him physically attractive, that made him popular, that made him a broadcaster, and unfortunately what made him a jealous and maniacal murderer. In his 12th House (House of the Subconscious/Hidden Things), he was born with Saturn conjunct Pluto in LEO. This is a very difficult aspect, Pluto rules death/transformation/obsession and Saturn is about restriction/authority. In layman’s terms…somebody that would be jealous and obsessive, kill someone and be famous for it. His mid heaven is ruled by Venus, mid heaven has to do with our reputation/ career. He has Mars there (rules athleticism ) ruled by Venus (a woman). Not only would his reputation be around sports, but also having something to do with a woman. He was a famous athlete and became famous again behind the murder of his wife.

What was fascinating to me about his chart was on the day of the murder, 6/12/94 Saturn was square his Mars, 14 years later when O.J. was arrested and sentenced to 33 years for robbery and kidnapping in Las Vegas , Saturn was square his Mars again on the other side of the chart. Saturn is the planet of karma, he got away with muder but still ended up in jail. Letting you know now he won’t be doing 33 years, in 2017 Jupiter will enter his 4th House (House of Home), freeing him from jail.

Although the murder weapon was recently found, when I looked to see when he is eligible for parole it is in….2017.



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