Saturn: Life’s Personal Trainer

If you know anything about astrology you may know that Saturn transits generally are not a lot of fun. This is true especially when it is squaring another planet. The planet was actually named after the god Saturn who had a reputation of being cruel, in mythology he castrated his own father and ate his own kids.

With all that being said, it is really how you look at it. Saturn transits make us deal with issues we would rather not…like that trainer that makes us keep pushing when we want to stop and go home. We can’t with Saturn we will deal with it one way or another or there are consequences. The good part about it is that when we fall in line and do what is needed the reward is huge, I am personally having a Saturn transit to my 12th House and trying fall in place with it. When I read a chart I can look at Saturn’s placement and tell a lot about one’s father (the same can be done with the Moon for mother).

Saturn is also the ruler of old age, many people addicted to plastic surgery have their natal Saturn in a difficult place or is aspected difficultly (Lil Kim was born with her natal Sun conjunct Saturn). Saturn has good transits too, which I will be experiencing in about a month…got to make it through this square first!! In compatibility charts between 2 people, good Saturn aspects can indicate if the relationship has long term potential. It is nothing to fear and is not like a “bad” luck time, just challenging and making us accountable to getting our s*it together.

Saturn is modern ruler of CAPRICORN and ancient ruler of AQUARIUS.



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