Parkland Florida Shootings

People taking guns and shooting up innocent people is happening so much that we may become desensitized to it. In the natal chart of the United States I see the transit of this horrific event. Transiting Mars, which rules guns and violence, is exactly conjunct the country’s Ascendant at 12° SAGITTARIUS♐ and opposite natal Uranus (rules shocking/unexpected) at 8° GEMINI♊….an unexpected violent event with guns that affects the country’s identity.

Transiting Neptune was also in square range natal Uranus which indicates this was a planned event by this kid as an ambush. The Lunar Eclispe was conjunct the North Node of this country in the 8th House (House of Death/Transition). That Mars transit on the Ascendant of the U.S. will have something to do with gun laws to come. I can’t even imagine the fear the students had to feel and let alone the pain of the families that lost their children. How does this never happen again?? Sandy Hook, Columbine, the Aurora movie theater wasn’t enough?? Guns need to be kept out of the hands of mentally ill people. Godspeed.



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