Pluto Squares Thug Misses

The Queens Court Podcast has been getting a lot attention in recent weeks. From what I understand it had grown and become a hit on YouTube until the stars of the show, Khia and TS Madison (why doesn’t she just call herself Madison???) had a falling out.

Khia is known by a hit record back in 2002 which was released during her Jupter Return. The album spun a hit called, My Neck, My Back (Lick It). Since then she’s been widely known as a blogger and when I watched some of the videos, yes they were funny but rather venomous and mean spirited. She was born with Sun conjunct Uranus in SCORPIO♏ getting trine from a strongly aspected Jupiter in CANCER♋…all of amplifies her ego to be maybe bigger than it should be. She was also born with Mercury in SCORPIO♏ square Saturn in LEO♌…..dramatic with her opinions. The podcast was picking up steam until the 2 fell out and things went left. Transiting Pluto is square her natal Pluto and the Nodes, that’s classic…for some type of major break up of sorts. It appears that they have gone separate ways and are blaming each other for the split. I think she can make some kind of rebound or even a reunion come June/July when Uranus enters TAURUS♉ and sextiles her natal Jupiter.



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