Prediction: Wesley Snipes Will Be Bigger Than He Once Was

#WesleySnipes b. #JULY31#1962 
After being released from jail for tax evasion in 2013, Wesley #Snipes is on his way back. He is starring in a new #NBC drama that premiered this Fall called ‘#ThePlayer‘. I haven’t watched it and haven’t heard how it’s doing in the ratings. With his current transits I assume it must be doing pretty good. Currently #Saturn is in a weak trine to his #Sun#Moon conjunction along with his #Mercury and #NorthNode. In the next few months the trine will be exact bringing his acting career back to life.

Not only that nice aspect , but also #Jupiter will be passing over his natal #Pluto. Great transits here. With all this Saturn action going on, it is an indication of someone who made some bad decisions, paid a price and now being rewarded for getting their s*it together and getting great results. In addition to these transits he is having his #Neptune trine (Neptune rules #movies#TV etc.) In the next year or 2 he will be as big as he once was or even bigger.