Prince: An Icon Falls

Even though Prince was born GEMINI Sun, his Ascendant was SCORPIO ruled by Pluto which rules sex, darkness, and mysterious things. Those familiar with his music you know that his persona and music definitely had to do with all of that. He was also born with Pluto at the very top of his chart conjunct his midheaven and ruling his Ascendant….that is a whole lot of Pluto. This also indicates someone who is emotionally volatile. Remember some years back when he went on a rampage against the internet and wanted all his unauthorized images removed, and did not want his music on the internet. He went from a huge selling artist to almost obscurity during this time. He was quoted as saying, “The internet is completely over. Computers and gadgets are no good for you.” It was well known that he was Jehovah Witness and according to reports he needed hIp replacement surgery. This is why in recent years we always saw him walking with a cane, due to his religious beliefs he would not have surgery.

My favorite throwback album by Prince is ‘Controversy ‘. It is filled with sexual and religious subjects. Prince is a SCORPIO Ascendant, SCORPIO rules sex and dark things. This gives him his strong sexual presence. He has Pluto in LEO at his mid heaven giving him an intense stage presence. His Moon is in PISCES gives him his genius musical and artistic ability. Sun is in GEMINI, so he loves to change things up and be versatile, and he likes intellectual stimulation. His Sun conjuncts Mercury giving him an amazing ability to write very clever and prolific songs. He has Neptune in SCORPIO which is why his songs were so sexual, but they were more of a fantasy (Neptune rules fantasy and SCORPIO rules sex). He was also drawn to dark occult subjects in his music (SCORPIO rules the occult). Jupiter in LIBRA indicates he likes people in general and had a need to expand his music through others. He produced other musical acts like Vanity 6, the Time, Sheila E. (♡♡♡♡♡♡), Apollonia 6, and The Family. He would credit himself as Alexander Nevermind on these albums, but everyone knew it was him. The Pluto in LEO at his mid heaven definitely tells the story that he had intense creative expression through his personal relationships and career. Pluto in LEO people are also like dictators, they want complete control of everything. He in fact changed his name to a symbol for a few years boycotting his record label because he wanted the autonomy to do what he wanted. A very famous dictator had Pluto in LEO too, his name was Adolf Hitler.

As I am still trying to grasp this news, I am looking at his natal chart scratching my head. In astrology death is hard to predict. Yes, some astrologers can do calculations about it, I am not interested in all that. When some one dies, in hindsight I look at what transits signified their passing. In Prince’s chart it was not as obvious as some I have seen. In his chart today, transiting Saturn is in opposition to his Sun, the Sun being “life energy”, and Saturn being restrictions, limitations or things going cold. He passed away at 57. His protege, former lover and entertainer Denise Matthews aka Vanity passed on February 15 of this year as well….at age 57. Prince, you will be surely missed.



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