Proud Mary Release

2018 Taraji Hanson’s transits the night her new movie, Proud Mary, os released are excellent. Transiting Jupiter will be sextile her Sun and Mercury, transiting Saturn sextile her midheaven ruler, Venus and trine her midheaven. Big stuff here.

Proud Mary ranked in the top 10 for this weekend’s box office sales. That’s actually better than some, including Henson, would do considering the studio has been accused of trying to “bury” the movie. The studio that produced the movie did not allow a screening for critics ahead of it’s release. The studio even in fact cancelled screenings the day before release. Henson was a producer of the film and was very vocal about the lack of promotion by the studio. She still managed to be in the top 10 and that Saturn transit to her midheaven ruler works well for establishing her as a producer for upcoming projects.



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