Leslie Jones

Psychic Wayne Shares A Reading On Leslie Jones

Remember last year Leslie Jones’s online ordeal with her private photos? She was the host at this year’s BET Awards bringing her bigger public visibility….in a much brighter light.

My original post was written July 21, 2016.

From Mars Return to Jupiter Return

I previously posted about her having her Mars Return and transiting Saturn Square in her natal Sun indicating this online incident. I am posting about her because I honestly think she’s funny and to bring to the light (just in case some of y’all don’t know) that there are some horrible people in this race we call human. I’ve studied her chart a bit more and see that next summer she is having her Jupiter Return which is going to expand her career and make it bigger. This situation as negative as it is, has given her some big visibility with the release of Ghostbusters making her name more known. We do not always understand how the Universe works, but this is preparing her for bigger stardom. Yep, sometimes we have to lose to win.



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