Micheal Jackson

Birth Natal Chart For Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson b. AUGUST 29, 1958

Michael was born with the Sun conjunct Pluto in #Virgo. I found this very interesting because the Sun represents self, Pluto represents transformation, a darker side of Virgo is perfection. Why is this interesting? Well, Michael transformed himself over the years right before our very eyes. He was one of the greatest entertainers that ever lived, and he was a perfectionist undoubtedly in his performances. In #Leo (rules show business) Jackson, has Mercury, Venus, and Uranus.

Venus here says that he was generous, playful and affectionate. Uranus here breaks the rules and records and set standards (he had the biggest-selling album of all time). Because of all these planets in Leo, it explains why he was so fond of children (Leo and rules children). His Moon is in #Pisces, indicates he was very shy, sweet, sensitive on top of being musically artistic. His Mars is in #Taurus; this gave him his powerful voice, dance ability and to spend a lot of money. Neptune is the planet of imagination and fantasy; he had this in #Scorpio.

This inspired is artistic side and also makes me believe that religion and the occult were something that intrigued him. He was a very complicated man, and his chart has so many elements to it that I can’t fit it all here. At the time of his death, transiting Mars was conjunct his natal Mars. Also at the same time, Jupiter conjunct with Chiron and Neptune were in exact trine in his chart. In astrology, Jupiter is called the Great Liberator; the planet of abundance and good luck, whenever there is a death under a Jupiter transit, it is a signal that the soul is being freed from the prison of the body. While we miss Michael entertaining us, he became free from a life that may have looked glamorous on the outside but was a life filled with a lot of pain.



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