Quentin Latham aka Funky Dineva

Quentin Latham announces that he will be a panelist on a new talk show on TV1 and Tegna called Sister Circle, launching September 11th. I did his natal chart and posted here July 15, 2015. Astrology told me this was ahead for him in 2017. Congrats!!

AUGUST 20, 1983
If you are on social media or watch RHOA or LHHA, chances are you have seen Quentin/Funky Dineva giving his opinion on the goings on. His chart is very telling of his story. First thing I noticed was where his Mercury is (Mercury rules communication ) located in his natal chart, not a surprise that it is in his 10th House (House of Career) in a sign that Mercury rules which is VIRGO. This alone tells alot, he talks and writes (communication) for a living. Being in VIRGO makes him communicate about ‘details’. He is super quick witted on his feet about details that most of us wouldn’t notice until he brings it to the table. On his Ascendant (how we come off to the world) he was born with Uranus conjunct Jupiter directly on his Ascendant. What does that mean? Well, Uranus rules ‘unique’ or different and Jupiter makes that bigger. The hair, the make up and him being a male definitely makes him ‘unique ‘ or different. Uranus also rules rebel or going against, he goes against what most people think of a typical male personality. The Jupiter conjunction makes it so big that when you first see him it kind of smacks you in the face, and you can’t help but look. You also don’t think too much about the person under his drag because it’s so shocking (also ruled by Uranus). Also what I found interesting is that he is known for his outspoken truths, he has Venus conjunct the Sun in his 9th House (House of Philosophy/Higher Truth). He clearly is known for seeing through the bulls*it and getting to the truth.



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