Would You Relocate To Find Love Or Better Opportunity?

Many people move or relocate in the hopes of finding a better life or taking a better opportunity. In Astrocartography, you can have a relocation chart done by having it compared to your natal chart to see just where on this earth you could live your life at full potential.

The theory of this method is that when you live somewhere else, it will bring out different aspects of your personality or bring you new experiences. So if you move somewhere that puts Scorpio in your midheaven and Pluto in the 10th House you could end up working for the police, military , research etc. Astrocartography is a type of geographic astrology where the birth chart is replaced with a map of the world and the planets as they relate to the entire world through their rising and seeing points along the map. I did my own chart and I have Mars going straight through the Middle East, Syria, Iraq, Saudi Arabia.

Mars rules violence that would not at all be a good place for me. I won’t be going anywhere near the Middle East because according to my chart it would be too dangerous for me. My Venus goes straight through the Caribbean near the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico…might be time for a trip!