Remembering Hollywood Sitcom Actress Rebecca Schaeffer

On July 18, 1989, Hollywood sitcom actress, Rebecca Schaeffer was fatally shot in her doorway by a crazed fan. His name was Robert Bardo, who had stalked her for 3 years before finding out where she lived. Going back to that day in her natal chart, her transits were very telling. Transiting Neptune and Saturn were conjunct her natal Mars-Moon conjunct and that was square her natal Saturn. Transiting Mars was conjunct her natal Neptune with transiting Jupiter square her Uranus-Venus-Pluto conjunction. That’s a symphony of really bad transits indicating… a violent ambush by a an obsessive male. Transiting Sun was also square her North Node indicating some sort of fatal destiny. Whether you subscribe to Astrology or not, we all have or have had transits this difficult. I dont know that Astrology can stop was destined to occur to us, but it definitely can help us be more alert of what’ can potentially happen. This was a really unfortunate tragedy. At the time this happened, Schaeffer was co starring on a sitcom called My Sister Sam and was on the brink of stardom. She wasnt the first celebrity attacked by a crazed fan, in 1982, actress Theresa Saldana was stabbed 10 times. Saldana survived and became an advocate for stalking victims. She passed away in 2016. It would be interesting to see the chart of these stalkers and see how they tick.



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