The Richest Man On Earth  

 Jeff Bezos, founder and CEO of Amazon, has been named as the richest man alive…for the moment. His net worth is around 92 b. No birth time for him, but he is going to sustain this wealth and get richer, transiting Pluto is in conjunction range of his natal Sun and will be there for some years.
Pluto rules power and all resources underground….oil, gold etc. He’s not in the gold or oil business, but Amazon is clearly the next best thing. He was also born with Venus and Saturn in AQUARIUS…AQUARIUS rules inventions, Saturn rules business structure, and Venus rules money.. he invented a business structure that has made him a ton of money. Amazon is leading in retail sales putting malls and retail stores out of business, they have now entered the grocery industry and plan to enter the medical world, too. I did a post some months back about the natal chart of the company itself, it’s fairly obvious that he may have used an astrologer to launch this company so that it was hugely successful. #astrologyworks #RealAstrologyWayne #astrology #jeffbezos #amazon



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