The Story CANCER The Giant Crab

Admittedly, the Zodiac signs are based on mythology, but the actual workings of Astrology is based on observation and correlation. Many who don’t subscribe or understand how it works often think it’s based on superstition…nothing to do with superstition at all.

The point of this post is to explain the story CANCER. Zeus, king of the gods, had an affair with Alcmene and together they had Hercules. His wife, Hera, hated Hercules because of her jealousy and wanted him dead. She gave him 12 dangerous tasks to complete and he was successful with all of them. Hera then sent the giant crab named Karkinos to kill Hercules. With his foot, Hercules, killed the crab smashing it to death. To honor the crab Hera placed its image in sky as the constellation CANCER. CANCER is the 4th sign of the Zodiac and is ruled by the Moon.



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