The Sun

Even if you do not subscribe to Astrology….you probably have posted how your sign is the best, it’s that season, and you’ve been in the club waving your hands when the DJ shouts out your sign. Ok, even if you don’t, I have yet to meet anyone who didn’t know their Zodiac sign 😁.

Your ‘Sun” sign indicates where the Sun was when you were born, if the Sun was in TAURUS♉, then you are TAURUS♉, CAPRICORN♑, PISCES♓ etc. In real Astrology, your time of birth, month, day, year and place makes a blueprint of who you are which includes all the planets…not just the Sun. Astrology operates off of the theory that we are the essence of the exact moment we are born, and that we are made of that moment. Our Sun sign is the most important point in our chart because it represents the self, ego, and soul purpose. The Sun’s placement is also our force of will. The Sun is the natural ruler of LEO♌ (now you know why LEO’s♌ think the world revolves around them??) and is exalted (works the best) in ARIES♈ The Sun’s natural ruled house is the 5th. And just in case you don’t know, currently the Sun is transiting through PISCES♓ #RealAstrologyWayne#realastrology #sunsign #pisces



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